Cybersecurity Training & Awareness

Education & Awareness

Employees are one of the top sources of security incidents, most of which can be chalked up to human error.

The significant increase in personal devices on today’s business networks, paired with the high rate of breaches caused by current employees, necessitates thorough employee security awareness training.

What We Do:

At Triden Group, we offer security awareness training that equips your staff with the knowledge and experience they need to follow security best practices. We’ll also teach your teams to recognize and respond appropriately to cyber threats, including phishing attacks, ransomware and other methods. Our training consists of high-quality content and highly realistic interactive scenarios designed to mimic real-life social engineering attacks.

Our security experts offer a wide range of competencies and programs to help your employees become more aware, arming them with the knowledge and skills necessary to be safe. Whether it’s a comprehensive training program or continuing education, we'll craft the perfect solution.

Our Experts Can:

Make constructive and preventative security practices pervasive across your organization.
Streamline training delivery to reduce costs and increase effectiveness.
Increase your staff’s technical skills and understanding of today’s threat landscape.
Educate your staff on avoiding, identifying and responding to risks.
Optimize your program’s effectiveness through KPI tracking and reporting.
Continuously monitor AWS product releases and updates to maintain existing services and identify complementary tools and services.

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