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TG Talks: Sam Mouseli

September 8, 2023|Videos|

15-Love ! Meet Sam Mouseli, one of Triden Group's talented network team leads. Working on our managed services, he strives every day to make our customer's lives easier

TG Cloud Security

July 19, 2023|Videos|

At Triden Group, we are invested in securing you! That includes the part of you in the cloud (possibly the most vulnerable part?). How do we manage your

TG Talks With Sammy

July 19, 2023|Videos|

Have you ever met a real-life Neo? In this edition of TG Talks, we're interviewing Triden Group’s Senior Practice Director and Ethical Hacker Sammy! Follow along as Marcus

TG Talks: Michael Voelker

May 31, 2023|Videos|

In this new video series, we're going to introduce you to the people working behind the scenes at Triden Group in engineering, project management, and cybersecurity to celebrate

TG Assess

May 10, 2023|Videos|

Triden Group's new cybersecurity assessment offering will give you an objective look into your business's cybersecurity maturity, and then you'll get a phased rollout of the next steps.

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