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Extended Detection and Response

With our XDR solutions, cybersecurity teams can correlate events, alerts, and threats with a comprehensive view, instead of switching from point product or multiple consoles.

What is Extended Detection and Response?

Extended detection and response (XDR) delivers visibility into data in networks, endpoints, clouds, and applications. Cybersecurity teams can correlate events, alerts, and threats with a comprehensive view, instead of switching from point product or multiple consoles.

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Why Your Organization Needs Extended Detection and Response

With today’s multi-cloud, “work-from-anywhere” challenges, XDR is a multi-faceted solution to obtain a holistic view of endpoints, network, cloud, and behavior, avoiding cybersecurity blind spots that can compromise your organization. XDR adds AI into your organization’s current cyber posture and can help provide a correlation point for SOC operations to use and work from.

29 Days

Savings in response time for those with extended detection and response (XDR) technologies.

277 Days

Average time to identify and contain a data breach.

Source: Ponemon Institute’s The Cost of a Data Breach Report, 2022.

“Cybersecurity incidents are on the rise. Triden Group’s team of experts continue to stay up to date on worldwide trends and providing customers with the best possible solutions designed to anticipate, prevent and remediate cyberattacks.”

– Sammy Marar, Practice Director – Cybersecurity, Triden Group

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What We Do

XDR correlates data across a wide range of solutions and networks to provide actionable information about the cybersecurity health of a network. You can pinpoint vulnerabilities or areas to improve and take steps to shore up your organization’s cybersecurity. It’s based on an architecture, not a single solution or product, and helps SOC operations teams zero in on critical cyber threats vs. low-risk noise to maximize resources.

There are many vendors offering XDR, but not all vendors are created equal. Triden Group works with many trusted vendor partners, so we can cut through the noise and educate you about what XDR is and what it isn’t. We will begin with an assessment to gather information and determine your organization’s weak points, so we can build a tailored XDR solution for your specific needs.

Our experts can:

  • Implement the latest and current technologies to provide higher visibility and collect and correlate threat information to prevent future breaches.

  • Assess your organizational needs and find solutions that maximize your resources and address your greatest cybersecurity threats to your most sensitive data.

Safeguard your assets, operations, and data with our cybersecurity services.