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Cloud Managed Services

Maximize the potential of your organization’s cloud solution with Triden Group’s comprehensive cloud managed services.

What are Cloud Managed Services?

Cloud managed services provide security assessments, configurations, automation, continuous monitoring, and reporting for a company’s cloud structure and its cloud-stored data to optimize performance and cost savings.

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Why Your Organization Needs Cloud Managed Services

The cloud offers a wealth of opportunities for organizations looking to save money, boost workflows, and gain capabilities usually reserved for enterprise-level establishments. With the sheer volume of cloud services and vendors in the marketplace today, it can be difficult to choose, configure, and manage the solutions that are right for you.

Configuring and managing cloud services isn’t always intuitive. Some are plug-and-play, while others require a great deal of expertise to get up and running. In-house IT departments may have the necessary experience, but they are often overburdened and lack the resources for additional responsibilities. That’s where we come in.


Of organizations find faster deployment as a result of improved cloud security


Of respondents find cloud-native services increase complexity

“Nearly every organization requires infrastructure that needs to remain secure. Our team is poised and ready to keep organizations safe.”

– Derek Pocoroba, CTO, Triden Group

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What We Do

We partner with leading cloud solution providers to offer a wide range of options that we can customize and configure to meet your unique needs. We have both the engineering excellence to understand cloud platforms and the project management expertise to successfully implement and administer them.

At Triden Group, our approach is: assess > deploy > manage. Our highly trained cloud services experts will assess your organization’s tech stack and network infrastructure for cloud efficiencies and automation. After selection, our engineers will work with you to thoughtfully deploy cloud services with as little interruption and downtime as possible. Once deployed, our staff will operate the services with a keen eye toward optimization and cost savings.

Our experts can:

  • Identify the most beneficial cloud solutions to automate repetitive workflows and replace resource-intensive technology.

  • Provide valuable insight into leading cloud solutions.

  • Manage cloud service operations and optimize for performance and cost savings.

  • Deliver the vital planning and project management required to successfully migrate your sensitive data to the cloud.

Maximize the potential of your cloud solution with our cloud managed services.