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Cloud Security Services Overview

Triden Group offers flexible and scalable cloud solutions to help organizations reduce costs, offload workflows, accelerate processes, and increase security.

Flexible and scalable cloud solutions

With the cloud, your success is no longer limited to buying, owning, and maintaining the latest, greatest, and priciest technology hardware. The on-demand nature of the cloud enables advanced capabilities, efficiencies, and the peace of mind that comes with the most trusted names in computing. Cloud solutions support essential operational capabilities like computer security, storage, and backup, as well as advanced computational services like AI, neural nets, and machine learning.

Triden Group offers flexible and scalable cloud solutions to help organizations reduce costs, offload workflows, accelerate processes, and increase security.

Partnering with Triden Group allows you to:

  • Migrate applications and systems rapidly and efficiently

  • Identify, configure, deploy, and monitor the best cloud services to meet your needs

  • Access the newest and most advanced technologies available

  • Use geographic redundancy to keep your data secure and accessible, even in an outage or disaster

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Triden Group - Public Cloud (icon)

Public Cloud Solutions

The cloud offers powerful capabilities for organizations, but staying ahead of the evolving tools, features, and updates can be a challenge. Public clouds are not often deployed as a standalone solution, but as an integrated part of a multifaceted hybrid cloud environment that creates higher performance and security with a wider availability of infrastructure and applications.

With expert guidance from Triden Group, you can leverage proven techniques and successful management tools to accelerate and maximize the cloud solutions that address your organization’s needs.

Disaster Recovery Service

While disasters, both natural and otherwise, are inevitable, planning for worst-case scenarios helps organizations remain operational with minimal downtime in the face of a crisis. Employing disaster recovery and business continuation services ensures your critical assets are secure and available even through unforeseeable events.

At Triden Group, we use comprehensive and advanced scenario planning, backups, testing, and monitoring to provide your network, systems, and data with increased resilience in case of such an event.

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Backup Service

Leading cloud solutions providers offer powerful and flexible storage solutions with a variety of options for storage size and type, payment models, guaranteed upload and download speeds, and more. Given the advanced cybersecurity threats targeting data and systems, such as ransomware, organizations seeking to safeguard sensitive user data find great utility in cloud storage when architected correctly.

At Triden Group, our IT experts assess your needs, configure, and deploy the solution for you, and monitor your data ensuring security, efficiency, and compliance.

Cloud Security

Applications, data, and users can no longer rely on a guarded centralized data center. Modern IT networks are spread across dozens of public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid solutions. With so much complexity, security and IT teams often lack visibility and control of these cloud-based locations, and traditional security technologies are not suitable for cloud environments.

At Triden Group, we can help you navigate the challenges of cybersecurity both in and off the cloud with solutions like CASB, SASE, CPSM, CWPP, and other modern cloud security-focused solutions.

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