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Infrastructure Security Services Overview

Triden Group offers a wide range of professional services designed to support your infrastructure’s strengths and strengthen its weakest links.

Support your infrastructure’s strengths and strengthen its weaknesses

Network infrastructure is the system of hardware, software, facilities, and service components that support business systems delivery and technology-enabled processes.

Today’s business networks face increasing complexity with the array of remote devices, the rising demand to accommodate remote workers, and pervasive pressure from ever-increasing cyberattacks. With a greater need to maintain the performance of mission-critical applications and systems, IT departments charged with managing this growing complexity face seemingly endless demands for their time and expertise.

Triden Group offers a wide range of professional services designed to support your infrastructure’s strengths and strengthen its weakest links.

Partnering with Triden Group allows you to:

  • Offload workflows to empower productivity

  • Improve performance for stable and responsive network connectivity

  • Increase and ensure security from outside threats

  • Access the most advanced services available

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Triden Group - Cloud Managed Services (icon)

Cloud Managed Services

With the right cloud solutions, organizations can save money, boost workflows, and gain capabilities. But choosing, configuring, and managing the right cloud solutions can be overwhelming, given the vast number of options available in the marketplace. In-house IT teams may have the experience but often lack the resources needed to successfully integrate, migrate, and administer cloud services.

At Triden Group, we offer expert guidance for evaluating, deploying, and managing the right cloud solutions to meet your unique needs.

Network Managed Services

Managing and protecting your digital nerve center is a high-stakes demand, especially when it comes to ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and cost as the risk and sophistication of cyberattacks increase. The 24/7 monitoring and support, preventative updates, proactive maintenance, and ongoing reviews needed to secure your network can be burdensome for internal IT staff.

At Triden Group, we collaborate with best-in-class service to quickly integrate our network security expertise into your organization’s systems.

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Triden Group - IT Consulting (Icon)

IT Consulting

From assessing cloud-readiness and optimizing technologies for performance and cost-benefit to breach planning and developing tech strategies to support your business goals, our team can find the tech and techniques necessary to streamline your network operations. A fresh look at your existing systems and optimal enhancements can result in a more secure, resilient, and efficient organization.

At Triden Group, our experts examine your technology and infrastructure and provide clear strategies for both business and technical improvements.

IT Staff Augmentation

If your IT needs are exceeding your available resources, supplementing your existing technology workforce with dedicated and skilled support staff for a specific short- or long-term project can help you achieve your business objectives. The option to augment your staff and employ contracted specialists gives you flexibility, proficiency, and efficiency.

At Triden Group, we offer immediate access to a large pool of contractors whose skill sets cover a full range of technology and cybersecurity services and support.

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