What if you could protect every user within your organization using your Cisco Meraki network effortlessly? With the power of integrating Cisco Meraki and Cisco Umbrella, you can instantly secure every user, app, and device on and off your Meraki network.

Understanding Cisco Umbrella

Many times, companies struggle to manage users and connected devices across branch offices securely. At the same time, increasing application usage challenges the existing network architecture. As direct internet access increases, the risk of exposure to critical business resources rises. Umbrella is the fastest and most effective way to secure branch offices, users, connected devices and apps.

Understanding Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki offers both the hardware and software you need to simplify security across every layer of your network. All Meraki networking solutions are managed from a single web-based dashboard.

Meraki products are designed to be part of a larger security ecosystem. From security cameras to switches and the software you need to manage it all, Meraki offers a scalable, customizable solution to integrated security.

Further, Cisco SD-WAN, powered by Meraki, allows organizations to significantly reduce their total WAN costs while satisfying the increased bandwidth demands of branch sites. Meraki enables network admins to define which WAN link an application should use, or set up rules for which link should be used based on its performance.

Simple to Deploy and Manage

The integration between Meraki and Umbrella brings together two cloud-managed solutions to simplify deployments and provide effective and immediate protection for users. Umbrella deploys in minutes across your network to protect against threats like malware, ransomware and C2 callbacks.

Secure and Manage Wi-Fi from a Single Dashboard with Meraki MR

As an added level of control and convenience at the wireless layer, you can apply Umbrella policies to Meraki access points (MR devices) directly from the Meraki dashboard. This integration allows an easy way to manage your global wireless infrastructure and report on user traffic. This action will simplify the onboarding and policy configuration process with the convenience of centralized cloud management.

Broadest Network Protection Against Threats with Meraki MX

The integration between Umbrella and Meraki switches (MX devices) provides expanded visibility for more extensive protection against threats on and off-network. Since Umbrella stops threats earlier, security teams have fewer alerts to investigate — saving both time and money. When you combine IPS and AMP events from Meraki MX with Umbrella’s DNS-layer security, it is easy to identify exposure and prioritize remediation efforts in real-time, separating security events from non-security events. Together, Umbrella and Meraki deliver the most comprehensive coverage across your entire deployment.

Individually, Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Meraki are both protective technologies that can help to secure your organization’s IT infrastructure. However, they are even more powerful together. To learn more about these solutions and how they can impact your organization, view our Security Made Simple guide, overviewing the benefits of Cisco Umbrella.

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