As the organization grew, e-commerce became part of the strategy. Having limited visibility of overall network activity and ineffective perimeter tools for cybersecurity, management within the organization was realistic about the damaging consequence of a potential cyberattack.

As the company held a great amount of sensitive customer data in its hands, it was enthusiastic to deploy cutting-edge security technology. The purpose of the technology was to detect not only known threats but also emerging ones within a large global infrastructure. At the same time, the organization was in great need of an infrastructure upgrade to something more robust and cutting-edge.

With limited staff and disjointed solutions in place, the organization couldn’t afford to wait and see whether their old tech would hold up against an attack or incident. Fundamentally, fragmented security systems overwhelmed the team, making it difficult to manage security and keep up with day-to-day operations.


After completing a detailed assessment of the organization’s security and infrastructure in place, this multi-national retail decided to deploy Triden Group’s suite of cybersecurity and managed services. The solutions included:

  • Network re-architecture using best practices and next-gen solutions.
  • 24/7/365 managed SOC services.
  • Security for all retail locations with a single-pane-of-glass overview.
  • Efficient WAN infrastructure.
  • Store-in-box IT architecture capable of deploying in days, not weeks.

The overall infrastructure and security solution defend the company from the inside out. In addition, the AI-powered solution finds threats that have already bypassed the perimeter, containing them with managed, detention, and response solutions.


After the assessment and POV of the security solution, the organization discovered vulnerabilities that it was not aware of, which opened the network to potential attacks. At the same time, the new AI-powered solution captured non-secured systems that were connecting to the network by third parties. At the same time, Triden Group’s managed services oversee the network 24x7x365 in conjunction with the managed SOC’s organization.

Furthermore, the new network infrastructure solution delivered visibility to the network team, enabled faster detection of issues, reduced issues’ MTTR (mean time to repair) from days to minutes, and provided an overall infrastructure that empowered the management team to continue its growth. The integrated solution enabled the organization’s IT team to focus on the business issues that matter most and rely on stable and cost-effective managed services.

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