Is Your Password Manager Safe?

Written By: Brian Gibbs

Hopefully, you’re not still using your name and “1234” to log into your Gmail account…

Security experts recommend password managers for saving (and remembering) secure passwords – which by the way, need to exceed 21 characters in length and include numbers AND special characters.


Good thing we have an automated way to organize those! Because “Gh&92kR*zB” probably isn’t something you’ll be able to memorize…

You get the point.

But if you’ve shopped for a password manager or utilized a free one (like LastPass), you know there’s a billion to choose from.

How do you know which ones are the best – and are they all safe?

Especially with free managers…these companies have to make money somehow, right?

Your PERSONAL information won’t be shared or sold – they promise this when you sign up.

BUT, that doesn’t mean your BEHAVIORAL data is entirely safe…things like your IP address, your most-used sites, language settings, and more can be shared with third-party companies to run customized ads to you…

Annoying, but not necessarily alarming.

How do you know if your password manager is safe?

Check the company that owns it…

  • Can others see your passwords?
  • Is data stored locally or on company servers? (Locally is best).
  • Does the company have a clean record/positive third-party reviews?
  • Do they have 2-factor authentication?

Not all password managers are EQUALLY safe. Make sure you know what to prioritize when you’re looking for one!  Have questions about what to use? Give us a call; Triden Group is happy to help.


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