Here’s Why Security Consolidation is a Good Idea

Written By: Brian Gibbs

IF YOU’RE RUNNING MULTIPLE LAYERS OF SECURITY from different vendors, it’s time to consolidate.

Here’s why:

Small-medium size businesses don’t have enormous security budgets or big security departments. If you’re one of them, you know how hard it is to protect company data with a small budget.

Multiple solutions equal FRAGMENTED visibility to certain parts of your internal environment, making it easier for hackers and cybercriminals to bypass existing security.

A key outcome of consolidating security assets is enhanced and seamless visibility into your environment. Visibility is a critical component in the DETECTION of threats within your environment. It doesn’t matter if you have many security solutions in your office — if you can’t adequately and accurately detect what’s going on, you’ll be unable to MANAGE your attack surface, or active threats. Without the visibility to detect and manage threats, sufficient RESPONSE measures are usually unable to be achieved—which means you’re unfortunately ASKING a hacker to choose your organization as their next target.

Proper consolidation, in combination with heavy automation, enables small security teams (or outsourced teams) to achieve more, with less.

And, of course, small teams often lack the diverse expertise required to operate the full spectrum of security solutions effectively…

If you’re considering an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) to manage your organization’s security, look for the following services to ensure your provider can manage your FULL environment:

  • 24X7 proactive monitoring of the organization’s environment
  • Real-time detection/response technologies
  • Management of events, alerts, customer inquiries, and incidents
  • Proactive threat intelligence and threat hunting
  • Forensic experience (If you get hacked, will they mess up your ability to investigate and prosecute?)
  • Remediation guidance – emergency response.

Like security, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Hackers look for the low hanging fruit in your environment when searching for attack vectors that will penetrate your perimeter. Gaps in visibility are essentially gaps in security. It is now crucial to consolidate your security assets in order to properly MANAGE, DETECT, and RESPOND to threats. If this is something that is outside the scope of your organization’s security team, consider the services listed above when vetting outside firms. Triden Group has a wide array of services and solutions that can help you consolidate and manage your existing security assets, or grow and upgrade your environment for the years to come.

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