Coming from a spin-off by a parent company, this golf manufacturer found itself faced with a conundrum: it needed to become independent with a secure, fast network infrastructure to support its production. This included deploying a new network with a security solution and a disaster recovery mixture to capitalize on existing infrastructure where possible and new infrastructure where needed. At the same time, the IT organization was expected to support all levels of the business while it unraveled from the parent organization to become a standalone entity.

The challenge included protecting intellectual property, sensitive customer data and brand reputation while managing a complex enterprise network that could stand up to sophisticated cyberattacks and inside threats. It was vital to have a network with a cybersecurity strategy able to detect cyberattacks that could compromise the integrity of the organization and brand. All this was to be done on-budget in a relatively short time period with limited staff.

The success of the golf manufacturer was dependent on its global distribution and manufacturing facilities, the network infrastructure communication and the ability to continue operating no matter what disaster it faced.


After performing a strategic overview of where the IT organization was and where it was headed (present and forward strategic evaluation), the organization decided to work with Triden Group’s top engineers to design and deploy a sophisticated disaster recovery site. The solution leveraged existing and new infrastructure, re-architecting the existing network while it operated around the clock.

The organization also worked with Triden Group’s managed services for all of its network infrastructure, management and security needs. Triden Group’s managed services are now an integral part of the organization, which relies on full uptime all day, six days a week.

The security strategy was designed to protect the data that traverses the WAN infrastructure, which enables a highly available disaster recovery site that is utilized as a production site when needed. The security strategy proactively monitors the network 24x7x365 using managed SOC services and Triden Group’s managed services.


The network and security strategies are key to protecting the organization’s data and brand reputation. The disaster recovery plan can be enabled within three minutes with virtually no loss of data.

There is complete 24×7 network and security visibility with managed detection and response technology through Triden Group’s managed services. The organization is now well-suited to handle its manufacturing and distribution on demand without worrying about network issues or cybersecurity attacks that could potentially stop all production. The management team is confident that its IT infrastructure is resilient to current and future business challenges.

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