When companies are looking to purchase Meraki devices, they often ask about the differences between an Advanced Security license and an Enterprise license. Both solutions offer Meraki’s “always automatically updated” policies and provide an unprecedented level of security. However, as seen in the graphic below, the Advanced Security license contains additional features.

Pre-Decision Objectives

When reviewing solutions, organizations must first consider how they would like to set up their organization’s licensing structure, because it must remain uniform across your organization.

For example, if your organization has 50 devices, it couldn’t apply 30 Advanced Security licenses and 20 Enterprise licenses. However, if dividing licenses is the best option for your organization, you can circumvent this limitation by creating two separate organizations – one for your devices supporting the Enterprise licenses and another for devices supporting the Advanced Security licenses.

Meraki Advanced Security

With this license, you’re getting the ultimate package of security features to protect your network from nearly any cyberattack.

With Intrusion Detection, your Meraki-supported network will continually watch for intrusion attempts from unauthorized sources and block them automatically whenever they’re spotted.

Cisco Talos, a research team that continually finds and learns about existing and emerging cyberthreats at a global level, compiling databases of software-based intrusion methods seen by all their connected users. Talos continually integrates intelligence into new threat vectors into its malware protection, continuously improving its ability to block threats.

The Advanced Security license also allows customizable lists to prevent questionable websites from being accessed at all by users using your organization’s network.

Meraki’s Advanced Security license also offers geography-based security rules. While these solutions are often only used in large organizations, they are available to all organizations who purchase the license.

Feature Enterprise license Advanced Security license
Stateful firewall
VLAN to VLAN routing
Link bonding / failover
3G / 4G failover
Traffic shaping / prioritizations
Site-to-site VPN
Client VPN
MPLS to VPN Failover
Splash pages
Configurations templates
HTTP content caching
Group Policies
Client connectivity alerts
Geography based firewall rules
Intrusion detections / prevention
Content filtering
Youtube for Schools
Web Search Filtering

At Triden Group, we are involved in every step of your IT initiatives, from recommending solutions to planning, implementing and managing them. We have created a guide that provides an overview of how your company can leverage Meraki to better protect against threats.

Triden Group is an Authorized Meraki Partner. The Triden Group team strives to simplify your workspace and exceed your network expectations.

Download the Meraki Security Guide

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