3 Ways to Protect Your Assets, Workforce & Data Using Technology

Written By: Brian Gibbs

If you follow trending business concerns, you know CYBERCRIME, DATA THEFT, and HACKING are at all-time highs…

The technology boom we refer to as The Digital Revolution has created enormous business growth, yet – introduced hundreds…perhaps thousands…of NEW SECURITY RISKS.

What you might not have considered is how NEW technology can PROTECT your company assets.


Technology comes with security loopholes – most businesses wait until it’s too late to do their homework.

2-factor authentication (2FA), Installed after a ransomware attack – costing hundreds of thousands is just too late…WHAT IF you set it up now before you’re compromised?

Browser “A” with all security features enabled vs. browser “B” with none, downloaded after a hundred business credit cards are fraudulently accessed and downloaded – is another step done too late!

What if you did your research now – not later? Being proactive is a choice. It’s Steve Covey’s Habit Number ONE (7 Habits of Highly Successful People).

Consider the technologies you use in your business…your home…your personal life. What safety features do they have? Are they enabled? Do you need to call a professional to assess your likelihood of an attack?


If you’re still using the same technology you had five years ago, you’re not only behind – you’re not safe.

Technology is fast-moving. Most successful apps release software updates between 1 and 4 times PER MONTH. How’s the hard drive in your basement doing?


Everyone needs to be on board with a security assessment. Forget the security department where two guys are mapping out a plan, and no one else knows what’s going on.

Use TG Secure Pro to have a continuous assessment and pen testing cycle. One time testing is stale. Your network and cloud environment are changing daily. Do not be trapped in a money pit with no flexibility.

Don’t wait for the hacker to arrive. Technology is a powerful security weapon if it’s configured to detect a breach immediately and handled by a team that knows how to respond.


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