Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Alongside cost savings, performance and convenience, the most compelling aspect of cloud services might be their pure magic. Capabilities once limited to science fiction are now easily rentable, by the hour, without purchasing the next-generation technology that powers them. Thanks to Microsoft Azure in particular, there are numerous opportunities for organizations to enhance their workflows, operations and products.

Microsoft Azure is a massive cloud services platform, with over 100 offerings at various pricing models. Performing just about any web function under the sun, they offer services for collaboration, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data storage, backup and blockchain, among many others. What’s more, all Azure activity and assets are automatically secured with built-in cybersecurity measures as well as multiple levels of physical security guarding Microsoft Azure’s global data centers.

However, while the sheer volume of solutions is impressive, it can prove overwhelming for many, making it difficult to determine which, if any, may provide a substantial benefit. That’s why Triden Group offers the consulting, planning, configuration, monitoring and reporting services you need to optimize Microsoft Azure to your business needs.

What We Do

At Triden Group, our staff are experts trained in the fields of cybersecurity, network infrastructure and cloud services. We offer a wide range of managed services for Microsoft Azure products. Not only will we assist in selection, comparison and analysis, but we’ll also help migrate, install and take on day-to-day management.

Our Experts Can:

Offer expert consultation on more than 100 Microsoft Azure services.
Pair you with the right technologies based on your goals, business strategy, network infrastructure and potential savings.
Offload responsibilities and operations of overburdened IT departments.
Manage day-to-day operation of services to ensure optimal performance, security and cost savings.

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