Regardless of budget or staffing levels, IT administration tasks need to get done. That means network infrastructure needs, malware detection, endpoint monitoring, software migration, troubleshooting and any other IT department function. Despite this genuine need, though, today’s IT departments face a slew of challenges: the seemingly exponential rises in cybersecurity threats, a significant influx in mobile devices operating on business networks and the increasingly difficult task of managing modern network infrastructure.

If your IT grasp exceeds its reach, you’re likely in need of assistance. At Triden Group, we offer a wide range of managed services to meet your IT needs. Our staff are experts in cybersecurity, network infrastructure, cloud services and everything in between. That means we have the technology and techniques necessary to act as your remote IT department, freeing up your existing staff while saving you a great deal in hardware and staffing costs.

What We Do

At Triden Group, our experts are prepared to work with you on a variety of IT projects—even if you don’t know where to start. We can assess your IT infrastructure for security gaps, cloud-based workflow optimizations, and storage and backup services. We can also train your staff in cybersecurity fundamentals to ensure they follow best practices.

Our Experts Can:

Design, implement and manage network infrastructure and security practices.
Leverage advanced cybersecurity technology and practices to monitor your network for signs of compromise.
Identify the most beneficial solutions to automate repetitive workflows
and replace resource-intensive technology.
Manage the smooth operation of services and optimize for performance
and cost savings.

Learn more about how we help you take your security and IT infrastructure to the next level.