Managed IT Security

Secure Your Assets, Operations
and Data Effortlessly


Today’s business networks are faced with cybersecurity threats increasing in volume, sophistication and severity. Thus, IT security management is becoming an increasingly fraught field. Not only are IT departments expected to fend off these threats, they’re tasked with operating and optimizing network infrastructure while performing helpdesk problem-solving.

What We Do

At Triden Group, we provide a wide array of security consulting and managed security services—all applied with top cybersecurity tools and techniques. We can assess your organization’s infrastructure for security gaps, find complementary solutions and continuously monitor for threats. Whether you’re looking to revamp your security program or offload IT workflows, we’re here to make your business resilient.

Our team of cybersecurity experts will provide cost-effective, results-driven solutions tailored to your business needs. Consider us a remote IT security department, capable of handling the most common and sophisticated attacks. Whether you need interim security assistance or full, round-the-clock protection, our experts are here to provide you with optimal capabilities to defend against threats—or respond responsibly should an attack penetrate.

Our Experts Can:

Assess your network infrastructure for security vulnerabilities.
Monitor your network and systems for signs of compromise.
Identify, analyze and respond to potential security threats.
Leverage endpoint response technologies to safely contain advanced, successful cyberattacks.
Optimize processes for better performance, responsiveness and cost savings.

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