Perimeter Security

With cybersecurity breaches on the rise, today’s IT threat environment is evolving more rapidly than IT departments’ ability to confront them, at no fault of their own. This causes many businesses to take a reactive approach, which is simply not enough to prevent attacks and mitigate damage. As researchers and threat actors find new exploits, systems must be constantly scanned, patched and checked for vulnerabilities.

At Triden Group, we take a disciplined approach to cybersecurity. We protect other organizations by thinking like an adversary, using the same toolsets that both internal and external threat actors use to exploit modern IT networks and infrastructure. By partnering with us, we can help you address any vulnerabilities or security issues that you may be battling, mitigating risks without having to bring on new full-time staff.


Our highly-trained security experts use a scientific methodology to analyze likely threats and vulnerabilities within your organization. These security experts work methodically to provide you with deep analyses and answers to even the most complex security issues.

Our Experts Can:

Continuously monitor your network infrastructure for signs of compromise or malware.
Configure a web application firewall to ensure that the right staff have access to the right resources.
Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses on all devices.
Provide evidence to back budget requests for security investments.
Quantify and measure the operational impact and risks resulting from successful attacks.

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