Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Security MDR

In cybersecurity, it pays to take all available routes to both prevent cyberattacks and quickly mitigate damage, should even the best-laid plans fall to the wayside. Managed detection and response (MDR) services offer continuous monitoring of your network infrastructure to prevent and respond rapidly to security incidents.

At Triden Group, we use a purpose-built security ecosystem to detect and contain threats. All threats are analyzed and identified by security experts, who will then use a series of proven security practices to eliminate the threat and mitigate potential damage.


As a Certified Premier Cisco Partner, we offer the following solutions to support our MDR services:

Stealthwatch Cloud

Protects your cloud environment, including your applications and encrypted traffic.

Threat Grid

Analyzes emerging threats to help you better plan your defenses.

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

Safeguards against attacks and malware at every endpoint.

Cisco Umbrella

Secures at the DNS and IP levels to stop attacks before they reach your network.

What We Do

We ensure the safety and security of our clients with a mix of security expertise, advanced cybersecurity technology, ‘round the clock monitoring and tried-and-true security practices.

Our experts can:


Leverage the latest cybersecurity technology to detect a wide range of threats, covering an extensive breadth of threat vectors.


Respond rapidly to ongoing security threats, eliminating them and containing any damage.


Identify security gaps, manage risk and allocate resources to better protect your organization.


Provide a level of protection superior to traditional cybersecurity prevention efforts that focus only on prevention.

To learn more about how we enforce security, visit our security services page.