Endpoint Security

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Security architecture is rapidly gaining complexity as more mobile devices enter the workforce. And therein lies the problem: as employees and clients alike access your network through numerous personal devices—both onsite and remotely—it's increasingly difficult to mount an effective network defense strategy.

It's necessary, then, to protect your network architecture's most sensitive points of compromise: endpoints. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a cybersecurity strategy focused on addressing advanced threats able to penetrate front-line defenses. Far from mere prevention, endpoint response can rapidly contain and eliminate today's costliest risks.

What We Do

At Triden Group, our experts will work with your company to develop an effective and efficient endpoint defense strategy. With it, you not only have a higher capacity to fight advanced threats, but you’ll also have much greater visibility into who is accessing your network on which devices and for what reasons.

Our Experts Can:

Segment network infrastructure to prevent threats from spreading throughout networks.
Lend cyber threat intelligence that leverages machine learning to help identify threats.
Enhance your ability to investigate malicious files detected in your network environment.
Provide continuous file analysis to identify malicious files the moment they surface.

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