Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field. Thankfully, security technology is adapting; a wide range of tools can help organizations protect their assets, prevent breaches and shut down intrusions before they penetrate the network.

Triden Group offers comprehensive security services to help businesses incorporate clear visibility, strong threat defenses and effective mitigation policies into their entire organization.


Cybersecurity incidents increase in number each year, putting pressure on IT departments to stem the tide. More than mere workflow tools and backup services, the cloud offers a wealth of opportunities for organizations looking to secure their cybersecurity posture. EDR, IAM, malware protection and a variety of other cybersecurity services make the cloud the ideal destination for security upgrades.

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Today’s IT threats are evolving too fast for most IT departments to keep up. This leads many businesses towards a reactive approach, which is not enough to prevent attacks and mitigate damage. As bad actors find new exploits, systems must be scanned continuously, patched and assessed for vulnerabilities.

Triden Group offers perimeter security consulting services that help businesses develop, implement and monitor custom plans for protecting their network perimeter.

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It pays to take all available routes to both prevent cyberattacks and quickly mitigate damage. Triden Group’s managed detection and response services offer continuous monitoring of your network infrastructure to prevent and quickly respond to security incidents.

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Access Management

Traditional security methods, like simple username and password combinations, no longer offer adequate protection. Triden Group offers identity and access management services to address security at an organizational level. Our experts can help you intelligently manage user access to specialized applications and sensitive data with methods like multi-factor authentication, biometrics and more.

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Awareness Training

Employees are the top source of cybersecurity incidents, most of which result from human error. Security awareness training equips your staff with the knowledge and experience they need to follow security best practices. Triden’s security experts will teach your teams to recognize and respond appropriately to cyber threats, including phishing attacks, ransomware and other methods.

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Highly-regulated industries—like those under PCI, SOX and HIPAA—need specialized security and compliance efforts. Triden Group’s security experts know how to address risk and regulation in equal measure, and can help your organization build a security plan that addresses both.

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Endpoint Security

The proliferation of mobile devices on business networks makes it increasingly difficult to mount an effective network defense strategy. It’s in your best interest, then, to protect your network’s critical points of compromise: endpoints.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a cybersecurity strategy focused on addressing advanced threats able to penetrate front-line defenses. Triden Group helps businesses develop effective EDR strategies, including recommending the right tools, customizing plans to meet their needs and monitoring the solutions and strategy once implemented.

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Collaborate With Security Experts

Organizations can no longer approach security with a single-layer methodology. However, through a thoughtful combination of preventative measures, effective education and proactive incident response plans, your organization will have the tools to withstand the strongest storms.

Triden Group specializes in creating security plans and tailoring them to meet organizations’ needs, goals and budgets. To discuss your unique setup and needs, contact one of our security experts today.