Public Cloud & Security

Cloud Security

Businesses are moving their data and workflows to the cloud, and for good reason. From the undeniable savings over hardware-intensive solutions to the added convenience and ease-of-access, it's simply too powerful and affordable to ignore. However, cloud services also expose organizations to more risk.

Securing your cloud applications and activity removes blind spots in your organization's cybersecurity posture. This means the protection against malware, data breaches and compromised accounts, among many other threats.

If you work with Triden Group, we'll extend and protect your multi-cloud identities, enhance their connectivity and optimize their performance. And we deliver it all without any impact on your end-users.

What We Do

We can provide expert guidance to those in the early stages of consideration, but we're also equipped to implement and monitor a cloud strategy that protects your company and enhances cloud performance and reliability. Our team will work to identify potential vulnerabilities, minimize risk and provide the security your company needs to thrive.

Our Experts Can:

Gain insight into threats and risks within the cloud to subsequently make actionable recommendations.
Leverage leading practices and expertise across multiple security disciplines to enhance your cloud strategy.
Securely migrate data to the cloud and manage identities, efficiently and effectively.
Design cloud strategies that allow greater visibility in identifying user activity and controlling access to sensitive assets.

Learn more about how we help businesses migrate to the cloud and manage their cloud environments in our cloud services overview.