Disaster Recovery

Backup and Business Continuity

Life sometimes lays waste to our best-laid plans. Disasters, both natural and otherwise, are an unfortunate and unavoidable reality. And while disasters often invite a time of reflection and rebuilding, lost time and productivity equals lost revenue. Thus, disaster recovery and readiness are imperative for today's web-dependent organizations.

Our disaster recovery and business continuation services help you plan for the worst, so your services may continue with minimal interruption—or none at all. We'll work with you to develop a comprehensive backup plan that ensures your critical assets are backed up securely and available in the event of a disaster. We’ll also create a business continuation plan that protects your critical operations and uses advanced scenario planning to identify effective recovery strategies and increase resilience.

What We Do

At Triden Group, our IT infrastructure and cybersecurity experts lend your infrastructure greater resilience through comprehensive planning, backups, testing and monitoring. Our highly scalable end-to-end continuation service offers a great deal of assurance against excessive damages due to unforeseeable events. And should a disaster hit, we’re immediately available to help mitigate any damages and get you functioning at full capacity as quickly as possible.

Our Experts Can:

Establish the resources and infrastructure most vital to continuation and resiliency.
Provide round-the-clock managed support and continuous monitoring.
Back up digital resources and infrastructure in the event of a disaster through the application of local, cloud and hybrid storage.
Test numerous recovery strategies to optimize recovery and elasticity.

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