Cloud Backup Services

Cloud-based storage solutions lend businesses all over the world an option for file hosting, storage and backup that dramatically lowers the cost of purchasing and maintaining in-house servers. What’s more, global solutions like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure provide enterprise-level security for your sensitive data.

Data Safety

Rest assured your files are backed up and retrievable, even during an outage or disaster.


Protect your data with enterprise-grade security including bodyguards, threat protection and more.

Offload Labor

Reduce the time and effort of manual backup and storage management.


Use as much or as little storage as you need. Increase or decrease usage as your needs change.

Cut In-House Costs

Use Microsoft or Amazon’s fully equipped data centers without purchasing or maintaining the equipment.

Leading cloud solutions providers offer powerful and flexible storage solutions with a variety of options for storage size, storage type, payment models, guaranteed upload and download speeds, and a number of other options. Given the advanced cybersecurity used to protect these services, organizations seeking to protect sensitive user data find great utility in cloud storage.

What We Do

Our cloud storage experts at Triden Group will weigh your storage needs, budget and IT infrastructure for various storage solutions and payment models to find the right solution for you.

We’ll configure the right storage solution for you with minimal service interruption or downtime. This service is fully run and maintained by our trained experts—freeing up your IT team—to ensure smooth functioning. We additionally optimize the solution to deliver the greatest possible efficiency and performance so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers premium security, flexibility, scalability and compliance – in fact, Azure boasts the most robust compliance capabilities in the industry. It’s constantly evolving and highly customizable, allowing for hybrid configurations and a solution that’s always cutting-edge. Ninety-five percent of Fortune 500 companies use Azure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS offers highly flexible pricing and configuration for a cloud solution that exactly fits your needs. It has a sweeping global presence, and its data centers are highly secure and scalable. AWS also offers robust third-party configuration options and compliance capabilities.

Our Experts Can:

Select the right storage solution for organizations based on budget, volume of data, accessibility needs and uptime considerations.
Help organizations identify and prioritize data storage based on value and sensitivity.
Monitor cloud storage usage for security concerns and respond rapidly to any incidents.
Analyze storage use to identify whether other options may provide cost savings.

Triden Group is an experienced and certified managed services provider. To learn more about how we help businesses optimize through the cloud, visit our cloud services page.