AWS Managed Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides businesses of all sizes with a wide array of powerful cloud-based services that can lower costs and offer high-performance computational resources, network capabilities and storage—all without the need to purchase and maintain data center hardware.

AWS Infrastructure as a Service

With AWS, the possibilities are endless.

From cloud-based contact center management tools to SMS and voice marketing tools to serverless computational abilities—in addition to over 170 more functions—Amazon’s infrastructure-as-a-service platform offers substantial business-driving benefits otherwise unavailable to all but the largest enterprises.



Your teams get access to the apps and functionality they need wherever they are with real-time collaboration capabilities.


Amazon’s global data centers are secured with multi-layer defenses, including threat detection, environmental safeguards, access screening and security guards.

Backup Management

Cloud-based data is saved and secured in AWS data centers. Get the secure storage space you need to protect your critical assets.


Don’t let hardware slow you down. Scaling with AWS is as easy as pressing a button.

AWS services give you the flexibility and peace of mind you need to operate at full capacity, both filling in gaps in operational infrastructure and boosting productivity. What’s more, these services are nearly infinitely scalable, allowing them to grow along with your business.

What We Do

At Triden Group, our highly trained experts leverage the incredible power and flexibility of AWS, pore through its multitude of complete services and find the combination of applications that’s best suited to achieve your business goals.

We’ll configure and migrate these services to your tech stack, doing so carefully to minimize downtime and interruption to critical functions. These services are then run and maintained by our trained AWS experts to ensure smooth functioning, and are additionally optimized to deliver the greatest possible efficiency and performance.

We’ll take care of finding you the right solutions, and then run, maintain and optimize them so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Our Experts Can:

Evaluate AWS’ 175 (and growing) services for use cases most beneficial to your unique organizational priorities.
Patch, update and maintain services according to strict standards, resulting in minimal service interruption.
Monitor applications for security concerns and respond rapidly to incidents on a range of AWS services.
Oversee the security and governance of all running services, securing and backing up key data and maintaining compliance.
Assess overall AWS usage to identify opportunities to reduce wasteful usage, increase ROI and boost application performance.
Continuously monitor AWS product releases and updates to maintain existing services and identify complementary tools and services.

Triden Group is an experienced AWS managed services partner. If you’re looking to lower operation cost or scale key infrastructure, contact us to learn how AWS can meet your unique needs.