The cloud is a veritable goldmine of advanced capabilities, efficiencies and cost savings. Triden offers cloud solutions that support essential operational capabilities like security, storage and backup, as well as advanced computational services like AI, neural nets
and machine learning.

Our flexible and scalable cloud solutions to help organizations reduce costs, offload workflows, accelerate processes
and increase security.


With Amazon Web Services (AWS), the potential for cost savings, efficiency gains and performance growth are virtually endless. AWS provides organizations with a wide array of cloud services (175 and growing), from high-performance computational resources to network capabilities and storage—all accessible without costly and specialized hardware. We can help clients get started with AWS or optimize their AWS cloud environment to improve security, boost speed and cut costs.

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MSFT Azure

Alongside cost savings, performance and convenience, Azure lends organization machine learning, artificial intelligence, data storage, backup and blockchain to make everyday business functions faster and more efficient. Triden helps companies identify which of over 100 services are best for your business and can help you configure, deploy and monitor them to meet your needs.

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Disaster Recovery

Disasters, both natural and otherwise, are unavoidable. Disaster recovery and business continuation services are your back-up plan, so that your organization may continue operations with minimal interruption. Our network infrastructure experts will work with you to ensure your critical assets are backed up securely and available.

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Public Cloud

Businesses move their workflows to the cloud for considerable cost savings, added convenience and ease of access. Triden helps companies transition to the public cloud and secure their cloud applications against malware, data breaches and compromised accounts, among other threats.

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Our backup services ensure that your files are safe and retrievable, even during an outage or disaster. Leading cloud solutions offer powerful and flexible storage solutions with a variety of options for size, storage type and payment model—with guaranteed upload and download speeds as well. We can help you configure your cloud backup model to safeguard your critical assets 24x7x365.

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With the cloud, your success is no longer defined by the latest, greatest and priciest hardware. The cloud enables you to dramatically boost productivity, save on expenses and enjoy the security that comes with the most trusted names in computing.

Triden Group has cultivated its cloud expertise through years of experience and excellent client service. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business make the most of its cloud environment.